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1948 AD.
1953 AD.
1958 AD.
1967 AD.

     Chandrphen Restaurant started out as a little diner by a canal on Rama 4 Road in front of Chaitaleh Vinegar Factory back in 1948. Its founders were husband and wife team - Mr. Charas and Mrs. Chandr Cholvibul.

     At the time Mr. Charas was also the manager of the vinegar factory. When Mrs. Chandr came up with her signature recipe for the barbecued chicken, they began to attract many customers which resulted in a need for facility expansion.

     The couple then decided to purchase the vinegar factory in order to expand their growing business while continuing the traditional vinegar operations. The dining establishment was soon in full operations under the name "Chaitaleh Chandrphen Restaurant". Its customers often referred to their favorite chicken dish as “Chaitaleh Barbecued Chicken”. At present, the restaurant is recognized under the name “Chandrphen Restaurant”. (Chandrphen in Thai means "Full Moon")

     As restaurant business continued to grow, Mr. Charas and Mrs. Chandr got more involved in helping the community through charity functions and public affairs. They were well respected by people in the society and were fortunate to have served under His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej on several occasions. Finally on December 17, 1963, Chandrphen Restaurant was honored by His Majesty with the royal Garuda (the King’s emblem).

    Today the Chaitaleh factory continues to produce high quality vinegar from natural ingredients under the brand name “Rueabai” (sailboat). Its current factory is located at Ramindra Road on the outskirt of Bangkok next to the second Chandrphen Restaurant.

    We would like to thank all of our customers for their loyalty and continuous support of our businesses.

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